I discovered my love of photography 12 years ago in the darkroom. It was there that I fell in love the combination of the photographic science, space of quietness and the creation of images and aesthetic. After high school I found myself traveling, always with my piles of cameras; train hopping, hitchhiking, overseas and living in Israel. Photography became a method for me to process my ever changing surroundings of landscape, people, culture, and experiences. The visual journal I collected from all of those years is something I will cherish forever and has given me the understanding of how meaningful photographs can be for holding onto our experiences and memories. After 6 years overseas (3 of which I spent studying photography), I returned home to Minnesota and very cautiously entered the wedding photography industry; not wanting to throw out my previous 10 years of aesthetic and very overwhelmed by the amount of contrived wedding imagery out there (and along with it, many expectations of how a wedding should be photographed). However! I have found each wedding I photograph to be so unique, and each couple completely inspiring with their own energy, dynamics and beauty, that I have set all reservations aside. I feel incredibly privileged to work with my couples (who I am convinced are definitely the best out there) and to be apart of such an intimate day. I walk away from each wedding feeling that I have gained more insight into how and why people love, and it truly is beautiful.