Hi hi,, I'm AJ; a native Minnesotan, science nerd, film gatherer, tea fanatic, usually an introvert, plant enthusiast....

I became slightly obsessed with photography in high school after stumbling upon darkroom equipment at a thrift store. From there I began to build myself a darkroom and teach myself how to use a camera and develop my own film. It was somewhere around then that I fell in love with the darkroom; the combination of the photographic science, space of quietness and the creation of images and aesthetic.

In the past 10 years I spent a lot of time traveling around the US, overseas and lived in Israel for almost 6 years. Through all of my experiences and travels, my camera was my most consistent companion, always carrying my sx-70 and 35mm point and shoot. Inevitably I ended up documenting a photographic journal and photography became a method for me to process my ever changing surroundings of landscape, people, culture and experiences. 

So, when I photograph your wedding, here's the deal; over the years I've inevitably become a total nostalgia junkie... I hope to pass a bit of that on to you. In a way, each wedding is like its own small country that I get to visit and document; it's possible that your wedding will have similar, or even the same elements as other weddings, but it will have its own energy, its own character, and its own story. The experience of your day is yours and it will be unique no matter what. It is my goal when photographing your wedding to show this and more. Weddings are incredibly dynamic and it pains me that the wedding industry tries to sell couples a 'perfect day template'; there will be chaos, mess, and stress, but there will also be crazy amounts of happiness, relief and love, and I want you to be able to remember all of it. It is my hope that when you look through your portfolio of photographs at the end of it all, you don't just see how your wedding day looked, but also how it felt and that the pile of polaroids you receive will be a handful of mementos from your day worth keeping around for a small surge of nostalgia.

Aside from weddings, it's not unusual to find me repotting my indoor jungle, drinking obnoxious amounts of tea, spending time with my favorite people, attempting to understand quantum physics, spending time in my darkroom or doing some traveling. I currently live in South Minneapolis, with my husband Ronen and our super badass cat Lily.